“I have worked with Alan and he is truly an inspirational individual, who understands and teaches the core elements of personal performance, emotional and physical well-being, clear thinking and how to introduce new practices into the daily routine to develop a person’s potential. I would highly recommend Alan without reservation”.

Donal Crowley

Head of HR
Veolia Ireland

“I participated in Alan’s first Discovery program in 2011. Four years on, I still consider it one of the most formative experiences of my life. Alan creates unique opportunities (people & places), to take time out and reach within yourself to discover what’s really there.“

Mark Gantly

Senior R&D Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“I have been fortunate to travel with Alan and to be in attendance at many of his workshops. The knowledge I gained from each and every session, has geared me towards maximising my true potential, both in a sporting and a business capacity. I also have a clearer understanding of how to get the best out of others too and for this reason alone, I would strongly recommend the unique experience that Alan and his team of professionals have to offer.”

Steven McDonnell

Armagh Football legend

“Spending ten days on the Alan Kerins discovery program in 2014 has changed my life in ways that I could never imagined. As a Paralympic athlete, I was driven by personal goals and achieving set targets. Spending time with Alan and the group that participated, opened my eyes to a way of life that can help change the world for the better. Using education, sport and compassion, we experienced first-hand the positive impacts each one of us is capable of having on a global scale. Anyone who embarks on this experience, will be forever grateful for this life changing opportunity.”


Mark Rohan,

Double Gold Medal Paralympian, London 2012

“Having had the incredible experience of being with Alan Kerins on his programmes in Ireland and Zambia, I have experienced both his work and his projects. I had instant grounding in what matters in life, not just in terms of self care but for caring for others above and beyond just career and personal gain. This translated into my working and professional environment, which had a profound effect on my leadership style. The Alan Kerins experience is one for all.”


Professor Pat Dolan, M. Litt PhD.
UNESCO Chair, Director
UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre
School of Political Science and Sociology
Institute for Lifecourse and Society, North Campus,
National University of Ireland, Galway

“Resilience is an essential component of coping with the everyday challenges that we all face. Alan’s programmes offered our staff members and players a better understanding of how they operate and react to situations. Through his workshops, he imparted essential skills that will ensure that they feel better equipped and empowered when faced with these challenges in future. I would highly recommend this course. Alan is an excellent and experienced coach and trainer.”


Siobhán Earley,

Head of Player Development, GPA

I am just following up on a great programme with Alan. I have my own businesses and needless to say, this can be quite stressful at times. I went through a few pretty bad weeks and felt I that the heartmath and other techniques taught on the programme helped pull me through it.

I have now made it a part of my daily routine and its helps me tremendously. Taking the time off to do the programme was hugely beneficial as it made me step back and look how I was doing everything.

I can only see this getting bigger and bigger, the cutting edge performance and resilience techniques taught on the programme are invaluable. Society has changed and we are now using our minds more than ever to accomplish our jobs. Having a fit minds and bodies. that can handle stress and a hectic life is more important than ever.

Dean Gammell

Ireland Best Young Entrepreneur 2014

The InnerWinner retreat program is truly exceptional in it’s leadership content, experiential learning format, network building and clear focus toward action and application. Few, if any programs bring these components together in one program.The result is a transformational and high impact experience for all involved. The program is perfectly suited for individuals new to leadership responsibilities, as well as CEOs and others who have been long involved in leading organizations. Equally important, the program helps build leadership expertise for NGOs, corporate, government and other settings alike. Bringing together the InnerWinner and Alan Kerins, experience is beyond anything out there!

Mark Brennan,

Professor and UNESCO Chair in Community, Leadership and Youth Development,
Penn State University

“I found the programme to be of great long-term benefit. Alan’s manner and style of teaching is great, easily understandable and approachable. I would highly recommend it for any athlete or business person looking to gain an edge. I have used the skills nearly every day since the programme, over 5 months later.”

Garvan C. Smyth

Press Up Entertainment