Nourishing the Soul, Igniting the Heart, Inspiring the Mind

Self Realisation Retreat India


Embark on a truly special and once in a lifetime trip India including a 12 day self realisation retreat, visits to Iconic places of spiritual and tourist interests, and audiences with inspirational Zen Masters and Yogis.

January 2018

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During This Programme You Will Learn


  • Deepen your meditative practice.
  • Integrate mindfulness and awareness into your daily activities and life.
  • Develop your own personal mantra.
  • Develop deep relaxation techniques.
  • Engage in physical classes with yoga and stretching programmes.
  • Detox your system with tasty organic vegetarian foods, mud baths and oil massages.
  • Engage in inspiring social community projects.
  • Visit some of the most iconic and renowned places of spiritual discovery including Zen Monasteries, with a Zen Master, renowned ashrams, temples, the tip of India where the 3 Oceans.
  • Special Audiences with Renowned Zen Masters, Yogi and inspirational people.

You will also learn:

  • Heartmath techniques
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Stress coping techniques
  • Build personal resilience
  • Increase your creativity
  • Improve your communication
  • Build better relationships
  • Improve your physiology
  • Access your innate intuition


Our facilitators are world leaders in their fields, offering you the chance to learn and spend time with them in an inspirational location.

Alan Kerins

Alan Kerins


Elite sports star, Heartmath and executive coach, performance consultant and founder of the Inner Winner Institute.

Korko Moses

Korko Moses


Indian Yogi,Spiritual Guide and leading Ashram Guru living in India.

Daily Time Table During 12 Day Retreat at Korko’s Ashram

4.30   Meditation / Visualisation / Inner Self Talk/ Personal mantra

7.00    Mindful Activities/ Activities in Awareness

8.00    Breakfast

9.30   Exercise / Deep relaxation

11.00 Lunch

12.00 Rest and Relaxation

3.00    Workshop

4.30   Activities in Awareness/ Mindful exercise

5.30   Supper

7.00   Meditation

8.00   Reflection


I had an amazing experience and really found clarity on this trip. I have made the tools and techniques I learnt during this programme part of my daily routine to huge effect in all areas of my life.

Damien Joyce


I travelled to India with Alan and had a fantastic and life changing experience so much so that I have returned to India since. I practice the tools and techniques on a daily basis. The immersive and experiential nature of the trip really helped in developing really good habits and daily practices. I find these practices hugely beneficial, especially meditation.

Barra Nevin


I found the whole experience to be very rewarding and beneficial. It was professional and very well organized. I cannot recommend this experience with Alan Kerins and Korko Moses high enough. It was truly transformational.

Marie Therese Shelley