Nourishing the Soul, Igniting the Heart, Inspiring the Mind

A Typical Day

Sample Monday

Ice Breaking and Introductory Session – IWI team

Physiology of Performance – Alan Kerins


Sample Day 2

Tools for Conscious Living – Alan Kerins

Coherence the Optimal State of Performance – Alan Kerins

Understand Your Personal Best – An Experiential Self Awareness Workshop – IWI, Facilitators


Sample Day 3

Health and Well-Being – IWI Team

A one day intense experiential Workshop with Ivan Mckenna and Real Learnings

Power of Words – Des Lally

Sample Day 4

Financial Planning Workshop – Conor Crowley

4 Pillars To Live A Great Life – Gerry Duffy

Make that Picture Right- An Experietnial Clay Pigeon Shooting Workshop – Shane Bisgood

Leadership – An Experiential Workshop – Gerry Duffy

Sample Day 5

Experiential workshop Inis Lackin Island (8am-1pm)

Sythesize The Learning – Alan Kerins

Exceute the Plan – Gerry Duffy