Nourishing the Soul, Igniting the Heart, Inspiring the Mind

Coherence: A New Way Of Living


Do you want to be in a state of flow or be in the Zone on a far more regular basis.
This is the programme for you set in the beautiful and stunning power place – University of Notre Dame at Kylemore Abbey in the heart of Connemara, Ireland.


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Benefits To Coherence, A New Way Of Living


Coherence often referred to as the” flow state” or “being in the Zone” is the physiological optimal state of performance in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and in balance.
This is a unique immersive retreat to teach and share with you tools and techniques which will help you integrate coherence practises into your daily life resulting in significant higher levels of performance in all areas of your life. 
  • Increase your resilience to life’s challenges and stresses.
  • Regulate your stress and associated mental, physical, emotional symptoms.
  • Increase your experience of positive emotions.
  • Increase your clarity, focus, attention span, accuracy, creativity and learning.
  • Improve your decision making and communication skills.
  • Take more control of your health and happiness. – access you innate Intuition.
  • Quickly gain perspective and perceive situations more objectively.
  • Empathise and gain insight in other people’s motivations, values, beliefs.
  • Generate solutions to problems.
  • Make quick decisions.
  • Improves the quality and effectiveness of your communication.
  • Benefit rapport, empathy, depth of listening, perception of NVC, insights and intuition. Decreases anxieties, judgements, frustrations, mind-reding.

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  • 3 days immersive retreat in a totally coherent environment.
  • You will taught tools and techniques which will help you be in a coherent state very simply and quickly.
  • All daily activities will then be undertaken in coherent and experiential ways.
  • You will be immersed in daily activities, challenges, workshops that will help inspire, encourage and remind to be coherent no matter how the challenging the daily activities will be.
  • You will taught triggers that can be used daily to help you be in a coherent state more often.
  • You will be coached how to integrate Coherent techniques into all aspects of your daily life and give ample time and daily challenges to put these into practice.
  • Coherent communication will be encouraged at all times throughout the programme.


Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Pre Breakfast Activities
  • Breakfast
  • Morning workshop
  • Lunch
  • Experiential Activity
  • Dinner
  • Social Activity
  • Daily Reflection

Day 2

Pre Breakfast Activities
Morning workshop
Experiential Activity
Social Activity
Daily Reflection

Final Day

  • Pre Breakfast Activities
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Action plans/Triggers
Notre dame at Kylemore Abbey.
Alan Kerins – Heartmath coach, former elite multi code athlete, executive coach, Social entrepreneur and philanthropist.
€1250 plus VAT.
October 19th/20th/21st.
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“I participated in Alan’s first Discovery program in 2011. Four years on, I still consider it one of the most formative experiences of my life. Alan creates unique opportunities (people & places), to take time out and reach within yourself to discover what’s really there.“

Mark Gantly

Senior R & D Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Having had the incredible experience of being with Alan Kerins on his programmes in Ireland and Zambia, I have experienced both his work and his projects. I had instant grounding in what matters in life, not just in terms of self care but for caring for others above and beyond just career and personal gain. This translated into my working and professional environment, which had a profound effect on my leadership style. The Alan Kerins experience is one for all”

Professor Pat Dolan, M. Litt PhD.

Director UNESCO Chair, UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, School of Political Science and Sociology, Institute for Lifecourse and Society, North Campus, NUI Galway