Nourishing the Soul, Igniting the Heart, Inspiring the Mind

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“I am just following up on a great programme with Alan. I have my own businesses and needless to say, this can be quite stressful at times. I went through a few pretty bad weeks and felt I that the heartmath and other techniques taught on the programme helped pull me through it.

I have now made it a part of my daily routine and its helps me tremendously. Taking the time off to do the programme was hugely beneficial as it made me step back and look how I was doing everything.

I can only see this getting bigger and bigger. The cutting edge performance and resilience techniques taught on the programme are invaluable. Society has changed and we are now using our minds more than ever to accomplish our jobs. Having a fit minds and bodies. that can handle stress and a hectic life is more important than ever.”

Dean Gammell

Ireland Best Young Entrepreneur 2014

“The Inner Winner retreat program is truly exceptional in its leadership content, experiential learning format, network building and clear focus toward action and application. Few, if any programs bring these components together in one program. The result is a transformational and high impact experience for all involved. The program is perfectly suited for individuals new to leadership responsibilities, as well as CEOs and others who have been long involved in leading organizations. Equally important, the program helps build leadership expertise for NGOs, corporate, government and other settings alike. Bringing together the Inner Winner and Alan Kerins experience is beyond anything out there!”

Mark Brennan

Professor and UNESCO Chair in Community, Leadership and Youth Development, Penn State University